What is Lagenlook?

What is Lagenlook?

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Here at Moda Mistress, were firm favourites of Lagenlook - a distinctive fashion style that has grown to be a steadfast favourite with so many ladies over the years. The designs we provide in our own clothing line are all influenced by this approach of dressing, and there are many wardrobe staples that can be combined and layered to create a chic appearance. Lagenlook makes it simple to experiment with different colour and fabric combinations, but if you're just getting started, we have lots of advice to help you put together a look you enjoy.

To help you get inspired, we'll be answering some frequently asked Lagenlook questions in our blog and displaying a few of our favourite ensembles with Moda Mistress products. Simply follow our detailed instructions to achieve the look.

What is Lagenlook?

The phrase "Lagenlook" is German in origin and translates to "layering look" in English. Although it began here, the desire to experiment with quirky, odd shapes in clothing has spread to many other European nations. The clothing is great for all body types, making it the perfect choice for anyone wishing to personalise their present look. Lagenlook is focused on layering several pieces of clothing to create a distinctive look that expresses your specific style and embraces the idea of expression. By matching clothing with statement accessories, you can create looks that are flattering on all body types.

Designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Marina Avraam, and Rick Owens have all promoted the Lagenlook look by producing one-of-a-kind items that are especially made to be layered. The idea that Lagenlook is intended to conceal the figure is the most common misunderstanding about it. Instead, we think it was designed to celebrate all body types, utilising your individual silhouette as a canvas to mix colours, materials, and textures in a way that is totally you!

Lagenlook Outfit Inspirations

How to wear Lagenlook

1. To start, we recommend a pair of leggings or jeans to provide the ideal foundation for your Lagenlook. The basic black, navy, or lighter grey are all excellent choices because they are simple to style and go well with different colour schemes. Lagenlook dresses such as our Made In Italy Amalfi Dress look particularly great with a simple pair of leggings to keep your legs warm!

2. Then, to add another layer of fabric to your outfit, add a top, tunic, or dress of your choice. The lightweight linen fabric of our Made in Italy Sienna Tunic Top is a great choice for this because it has a lovely pleated effect that complements the traditional Lagenlook style. Any colour you select from the wide range available will undoubtedly complement any neutral baselayers.

3. You'll need some eye-catching accessories to place on top of your dress to complete the Lagenlook look. Since Lagenlook is all about being confident in your identity, your accessories should be striking, vibrant, and most importantly, authentic to you.
Whatever the weather, a scarf instantly completes this style of attire well. They provide a fantastic opportunity to add an additional layer of colour or pattern to your overall outfit, whether you choose a thick, cosy scarf for cold weather or a lighter scarf in warmer weather.

The casual aesthetic and limitless creativity of the Lagenlook style is loved by everyone here Moda Mistress, which is why our current collection is brimming with items that look stunning when layered. With the help of our tutorial, you may start creating your very own ensembles that are inspired by the Lagenlook.

Browse our website for the newest items for more ideas, as well as advice on how to wear the Lagenlook style. Be sure to share it with us on social media if you decide to wear an outfit or layering arrangement that is inspired by the Lagenlook!

Love team Moda Mistress!