How to Style Italian Linen Dresses In Winter

How to Style Italian Linen Dresses In Winter

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Who said linen was exclusively a summer fabric? Although the breathable fabric is ideal for keeping us cool in the summer, at Moda Mistress we want to show you how to wear your favourite linen dresses, shirts, and tunics into the fall and winter as well. It all depends on how you style linen styles when wearing it in the cooler months. Make our Italian linen clothing, essentials in your winter wardrobe this year by following a few easy steps and tricks.

Layer on Layers

You don't want to give up your favourite Italian linen tunics and dresses for the year right? Being savvy with your layering is our best advice for converting your linen wardrobe for autumn and winter.

Tops and Jumpers

The secret to making your linen clothing autumn/winter-friendly is to layer with a long-sleeved top or turtleneck. Your linen dress, shirt, or tunic can be worn over the extra fabric that will act as an insulating layer next to your skin. In return, you have a stylish seasonal appearance that keeps you warm during the colder months.

Leggings and Jeans

This approach also applies to your bottom half. We enjoy wearing our Italian linen skirts and tunics with thick leggings in place of tights for a cosier look. You may also choose to wear skinny jeans with our Italian linen dresses and tunics, for a casual look that will keep you warm and cosy on particularly cold days.

Our Italian Linen Clothing...

The gorgeous Italian linen dresses, tunics, shirts, and bottoms in our Made in Italy collection are made from genuine 100% Italian linen, and we at Moda Mistress are proud of that. You can get premium-quality Italian linen clothing to see you through every season in style, with a vast selection of styles, gorgeous colours, and patterns to choose from!

Pair your Italian linen outfits with our cosy coats, scarves, and winter boots to ace your winter wardrobe this season. Don't forget to share your styling tips with us!

Love Team Moda Mistress xXx